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MoldGuard USA’s original core competency deals with the abatement and prevention of microbial contamination issues for new construction. As a leader in this industry, MoldGuard USA provides mold prevention services for a vast client base in several markets nationwide, offering up to a 30 year warranty on a variety of treated surfaces including drywall


Protecting our client’s assets and wellbeing does not stop with mold prevention. MoldGuard USA offers FlameGuard to provide the utmost in fire protection through the use of technologically advanced fireretardant coatings. From builder’s risk reduction to owner/tenant peace of mind, MoldGuard USA provides an unsurpassed level of protection.

 Mold Remediation

USA Moldguard offers full service contained remediation. Our experienced trained technicians will bag and remove all contaminated items and building materials from the site, decontaminate all structural members and protect them from recontamination. They will also scrub the air with Hepa filtration systems to further remove any remaining mold spores from the air.

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