With over 20 years in the mold prevention and remediation industry, USA MoldGuard was formed by partners and industry experts Mark Hirschman and Juan Carlos Escalante.

USA MoldGuard has become the leading MOLD PREVENTION specialists protecting wood framed multifamily and custom home projects for builders, developers, and architects in all regions throughout the country. With over 20 million square feet of protected residential and commercial structures treated per year, this once niche application is becoming the industry standard for environmentally sound structures. Our innovative applications and warranty assist our clients in creating a sustainable, healthy environment while at the same time drastically reducing liability and risk. To enhance risk management strategies, USA MoldGuard has developed cutting edge proprietary, environmentally friendly methods, and antimicrobial applications to properly prepare and treat exposed building surfaces that will inhibit and contain the growth of mold and other microbial contamination.

Mark Hirschman
Juan Escalante
Jarrad Hirschman